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Internationally well received: By strong products from a wide range

The product spectrum of the HANSA GROUP AG ranges from raw materials over intermediates for detergents and body care as well as cosmetics to special chemicals. The palette consists of a variety of products: e.g. besides other products, de-icing agents are produced at the location Duisburg and particularly surfactants at the location in Düren.

Sales are carried out worldwide. The HANSA GROUP AG disposes of excellent international market knowledge as well as of business relations. About 75% of the sales are achieved abroad.

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About 24 per cent of the business volume of the HANSA GROUP AG has already been achieved in the field surfactants and fine chemicals. By extending the capacities from 30,000 to 100,000 tons per year this business field will be expanded further on. With the production of surfactants and cosmetics elements the company is continuously adapted to renewable raw materials.

Industrial Chemicals

Within the segment industrial chemicals the HANSA GROUP AG has achieved about 60 per cent of its corporate proceeds. Main product groups are solvents for paints and varnishes, textile and paper chemicals, oil field chemicals as well as elements for the production of synthetic materials and special chemicals for various fields of application.


Most of the synthetic materials are so called polymers. Today synthetics are necessary for numerous applications in production: from vehicle manufacturing over electrical engineering and household products to precision and medical engineering.